How to Take Care of Your Hair To Stay Healthy and Shiny

There are various ways to care for your hair to be healthy and shiny. Some easy ways that can be done without having to go to the salon, is to choose the appropriate hair care products, apply good habits that support hair health, and nourish hair from the inside through healthy food intake. Hair that looks beautiful when viewed from afar is not necessarily without problems. Because over time, the hair can become dry, fall out, or split ends. Sunlight, climate, and pollution are thought to play a role in hair changes and damage. Not to mention the use of blow dry, straightener or vise (flat iron), curlers, and hair dyes. Come on, see the various ways to care for your hair so that your crown is always healthy and beautiful below. Daily Hair Care Techniques The following are various hair care tips that can be started when you are at home and done every day, including: Starting from the scalp How to care for healthy, beautiful and shiny hair can be started by not forgetting the he
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